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Justin and I holding a Dolphin.
I won't go into details about why we're holding a dolphin, it's just too sad.

Me on the Beach!
I like to refer to this as the classic vacation shot. It's when you're just too lazy to get out of the chair to take the picture.
This is the Star Fish that Justin caught from our Paddle Boat.
Another neat picture from the Clock Tower.
Ahh, a sunset picture.
Since the sun didn't set directly over the water, this was the best sunset picture I could manage.
Here is the town of Trinidad.
Justin had decided that he wanted to go and bike into the town (15km). 150,000 people live in trinidad.
Me on the Catamaran.
Justin and I SCUBA diving at the reef.
Me holding a big conch shell.
We were about 30 feet down and this was sitting on the ocean floor. So our guide just picked it up and handed it to me.
Here is a school of Blue Fish that we found near the reef.
Look! A Lobster!
We found this Lobster and we even got to pet it! From the back of course - watch out for the claws.
I call these backward fish.
It looks as if they have huge eyes, but if you look closely it's just a mark to confuse other fish. But it does look like they swim backwards.
A neat Striped fish.
Me sitting on the Coral.
I know I'm not supposed to sit on the coral. It kills millions of little coral things, but my guide made me and that's all I have to say about that.